Consulting services

In Bluephage we are committed in helping you find the most efficient and easy way to determine the water quality of your samples and the efficiency of your systems. We put to your service more than 30 years knowhow and experience to help you stablish and determine the most cost-efficient and easy way to determine the water quality of your samples or the efficiency of your systems for the determination of microbial water parameters.

We provide a wide range of testing and consulting services in coliphage analyses: detection, enumeration, concentration and elution of diferent matrices of samples (water, food, sludge, biosolids).

We can help you with:

  • bench studies,
  • pilot-scale studies
  • product method validations.

We have developed and participated in many validation studies with various local, state, federal and private entities including the EPA

Do not think it twice and contact us! Tell us your goals and we will send you a proposal.

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